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Morals Certification, Degree Ustadz & Instant World

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim ,
This title is part of the pieces of a dream " instant world " . World in which all must accelerate . Initially may be good , the concept of efficiency and effectiveness . However , after a long time finally exceeded the limit. With the concept of acceleration beyond the packaging is no longer reflect its contents .

Fruit with beautiful skin too , do not feel the sweetness when it turns out the results of the " karbitan " . It is often the result karbitan or instant process many holes or hollow in some parts . He was not the result of whole ripe fruit should mature on the tree .

Similarly, the character , he is the result of the nursery between science and faith . Charity is a representation of the moral act . The formulation of the theory and its implementation . Required process is not instant .

When viewed from the point of etymology , " morality " is derived from the plural " khuluqun " which, according to custom defined lughat ( al - custom ) , temperament , tabi'at ( al - sajiyyat ) , character ( al - thab ) , adab/sopan- manners ( al - muru'at ) and religion ( ad- din ) . While the word " kholqun " which means the incident , closely related to the " khaliq " ( creator ) and " creature " (created ) .

Can be understood also that the character is an idea that is a reflection of man's inner soul and its properties . That is , morality includes everything thing will be reflected in both their everyday moral behavior towards his Creator or " hablum min Allah " , also character towards fellow beings " dominant hablum ill-fated " .

What is interesting is the character according to scholars is the ability of the soul to give birth to something acts spontaneously , without thought or coercion . Due to the character is exactly one capable of doing good or vice versa , without going through the process of reason and emotion .

So , what is commonly remembered or done that will spontaneously emerge . And the spontaneous behavior will appear in everyday life , and then when it becomes a habit then he would form a personality .

Connecting phenomenon ust title is now sticking to the surface . Where the title comes from a pure ust first public recognition for embedded not only religious knowledge but also a moral example . And at the age of instant media that often play an active role in providing the title .

Yes , due to the industrialization of the world even propaganda propaganda was dragged to the instant process . Not blaming but just to remind the media should be more careful in pinning the title , and instead someone who has been given the mandate of the title must be extra careful .

However , if it is then there is a proposal to certify ust title , as formerly there was a proposal to certify the Hajj degree . Can we certify morals ? Indeed, there should be standardization , but there is a sense of worry . Lest will appear packets lightning morals certified courses .

Because there's nothing better than ust the congregation , not better with his teacher , nor the leadership and his men , directors and employees , professors and students , the president and his people . Due to the better side of God is that the commandment of Allah ( surah al - Mulk : 2 ) . May we include those who practice the commands of God . Amen .
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It is not better than the writing or the reading , because it is better with Allah is that practice it .


Heroic Story Ferry Sinking

Early morning , hundreds of high school students ( High School ) Danwon in Ansan , a suburb of the capital Seoul , South Korea , already assembled . Although they seem sleepy spirit . The beauty of Jeju Island makes students excited.

Exactly at 05.00 pm they went to Jeju Island for a vacation from Incheon to ferry Sewol . The ferry is very popular for high school students because of the great activities and comfortable . Besides having a large meeting room , the ship is also equipped with several restaurants and shops .

Quoted from the BBC , Friday, April 17, 2014 , as many as 330 people are high school students Danwon of 470 passengers were taken aboard . The number is still half of the 900 passenger capacity ship .
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Some passengers were enjoying their breakfast that morning , at around 09.00 local time . But , all of a sudden they heard a loud explosion and shock boat . The atmosphere became very panicked .

Loudspeakers announced to the passengers on the ship to remain in place and quiet . Confusion also struck the passenger ferry .

They are faced with two choices , between remain in place or to save themselves by using a float when the higher sea water into the ship 's body .

Quoted from CNN , Lim Hyung - min , one of the survivors said , he had taken the trouble to fight for his life .

" I had to swim to the first boat to be saved , " he said .

dramatic rescue

Dramatic rescue process was also broadcast live on television . In the show , demonstrated the passengers was wearing a life vest with a face full of fear .

Quoted from Channel News Asia , the crowd rushed to try to reach a rubber boat as the water began to flood the ship . Therefore , vessel weighing 6,825 tons began to sink in 20 kilometers from the southern part of the island Byungpoong .

Some even seen gliding from one side of the ferry and the steep plunge into the sea . Rescue teams including multiple crews using small fishing boats , working hard to pull them out of the sea water in order to survive .

According to the passengers who eventually were rescued , they were initially asked to remain seated in a chair before the ferry tilted to one side . This triggered panic .

" The crew often told us , that does not move and remain seated , " said one of the surviving passengers told the media YTN News Channel .

The passenger went on , when the instruction was obeyed , suddenly ferry instead tilted to one side . " So it is very difficult for us to get out of the boat , " said the passenger was .

A total of 178 divers , including South Korean Navy deployed to rescue the passengers from sea water using inflatable boats , Navy ships , and dozens of helicopters .

Aid was also sent by the United States . U.S. Navy , 7th Fleet , sending amphibious assault ship named the USS Bonhomme Richard routine patrol in the western part of the Korean Peninsula , participated deployed to provide relief .

Three heavy equipment has also been deployed to take back the ship had sunk . According to authorities , the new appointment process will begin today .

However , rescue teams admitted the difficulty to find the ship has now sunk . " So much mud in the sea water and very low -level vision , " said Gyeong Og .

The skipper apologizes

The ferry boat victim families Sewol getting annoyed and angry with the captain , Lee Joon - seok and 28 crew . Because, at the time the ship upside down , Joon - seok and the crew thought to be among the first to abandon ship .

Joon - seok is now being investigated related to the existence of the report . However , the 69-year -old skipper and the crew feel embarrassed , because they are not able to rescue the passengers .

The captain of the ship survived after the first save themselves by following the first group to use the boat with other passengers . Fateful captain looked down and covered his face with his jacket headgear in South Korean coast guard office .

" I actually apologized to the passengers , victims and families . I feel embarrassed , " he said on Thursday .

Meanwhile , the current number of passengers reached 25 people dead . The combined SAR team continues to search for the other 271 passengers were still missing .

Relatives of passengers so upset because a lot of people who reported even asked to remain seated for 40 minutes , when the ferry having problems . The death toll according to them should be minimized if the passenger is informed as soon as possible to save themselves .

Company Chonghaejin Marine Co. , which operates ferry boats Sewol said , Lee is an experienced boat captain . He has been responsible for driving the ferry routes Incheon - Jeju during the last eight years .

According to some experts , causes the reverse ferry allegedly due to hit rocks or rotates sharply , resulting in cargo position moves to the other side . The ship then be tilted and sank . When sailing , the ship also carried 150 Sewol car .

In addition , South Korean prosecutors , Park Jae - Eok , is investigating the possibility that the ship was not driven by Joon - seok , but the third officer .

" The ship was piloted by three officers when the accident occurred . Captain was off duty at the time , " said Jae - Eok .

According to her , Joon - seok was in the back of the ship , when the accident occurred . Jae - Eok added that all possible causes of the sinking of the ferry , is under investigation .

" Whether or not they did a sharp about-face , now being investigated , " he added .

Meanwhile, the Chief Prosecutor , Lee Seong - Yoon , said there is no limit to the investigation process . He also promised to reveal the precise cause of the sinking ship .

" We will make sure , whoever they were in charge , it will be dealt with firmly , " said Seong - Yoon .

Consular Officer at the Embassy in Seoul , Didik Eko Pujianto , said none of the citizens who were in the boat . Through a short message to the headline , Didik explained that there are three foreign nationals , but not from Indonesia .

SMS last victims

News of the last SMS sent to the families of the victims lost them popping up in the media . One of the outstanding SMS came from Shin Young - Jin .

Quoted by the BBC , launched Young - Jin wrote the last message " I love you " to his mother . Her mother is surprised to receive an SMS pitched like it , then replied "What ? Mothers love you . "

Thankfully , according to the Korea Daily , Korea Herald , Young - Jin belongs to the 179 passengers were rescued .

Many other parents who also received the last message from her son . However , until now , the fate of their baby is not yet known . The following conversation between a father and his daughter were successfully obtained by the BBC and local media South.

Son : Dad , do not worry . I am now wearing a life jacket and was with other female friends . We were trapped inside the ship , the ship was still in the corridor .

Dad : I know that the rescue team has begun to move , but instead you should be waiting outside the corridor ? Try it out while you can .

Children : This ship is in a state tilted , while the corridors are so filled with people .

According to local media reports , the SMS sender female students were still missing .

Meanwhile , another SMS which was widely publicized by the South Korean media between a student and his older brother when the ferry started to create problems .

Sister : This ship hit something and did not move . They said border troops had just arrived beach .

Sister : Do not panic . Just do what they tell you and you will be fine .

But since then , no further communication between the two .

Some parents say they can communicate with their children who had boarded the ship by telephone . However , the phone suddenly disconnected . One of the parents , Yu - Shin Park , said his daughter, who is still listed as missing , had asked him to calm down .

" He told me had been wearing a life jacket . The rescuers asked my daughter and the other passengers to wait and stay in place , so that my daughter kept waiting inside . He also said he could see a rescue helicopter , "said Yu - Shin .

Some unconfirmed reports that there is truth to call other SMS from the students who are still trapped inside the sunken ferry on Wednesday morning .

As reported by Channel News Asia , this is not the first to be the worst maritime accident in the South . In October 1993 , 300 people were confirmed dead after a ferry capsized in western waterfront . ( adi )


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Protes, Kerabat Penumpang Malaysia Airlines Boikot Telekonferensi

Hundreds of relatives of passengers belonging to Malaysia Airlines MH370 missing since Saturday ( 03/08/2014 ) , leaving space teleconferencing in Beijing , China , as a protest against the way they deal with the Malaysian government on Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .

The teleconference was reuniting families passenger plane missing with senior officials of Malaysia . Action teresbut relatives are complaining about a lack of contact is woven Malaysian authorities to the families of passengers and the slow response to the demands of the relatives .

The families of the passengers gathered at the hotel provided Malaysia Airlines but then came out shortly before the teleconference with the head of the civil aviation authorities of Malaysia Azharuddin Abdul Rahman started .

" Meeting video conferencing is often not working , the sound stops and constantly interrupted . Whether it's the way we're going to communicate ? " said Jiang Hui , one of the family members after the protest . " Are they going to waste our time in such a way ? "

Jiang said the Malaysian government has not met the demands of the relatives who filed last week . They asked the Government of Malaysia with Malaysia Airlines officials , Boeing , and Rolls -Royce to apologize associated loss of handling this aircraft .
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Boeing 777 Rolls Royce engine design belongs to the Malaysia Airlines flight lost in the Kuala Lumpur - Beijing route . Radar and satellite data show the plane changed direction . When heading south , is expected to run out of fuel when the aircraft is flying over the Indian Ocean .


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Accused of Political Money, Timses Candidates It Ready Mix sworn Quran

Prospective members of the House of Representatives of the National Democratic Party , Setyo Maharso judge , the charges against him money politics while campaigning in the city, which is a form of smear campaign to tarnish her reputation .

"We do not know the person named Haris . I assume this is a form of black campaign ( black campaign ) . I know that the pack Setyo honorable person , " said Sugeng Riyadi , a successful team member representing Setyo Maharso Setyo Supervisory Committee in the examination in the office of the city, on Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) afternoon .

Haris is Sugeng is a person who claims to be a person of trust Setyo . Haris proven distributing money during the campaign Nasdem attended Setyo Maharso in Semarang .

Sugeng thinks , acts committed in the name of Haris is motivated distaste for Setyo Maharso . For that , it is ready dikonfontir by Haris on subsequent examination .

" I swear , put Koran on top of my head . Ready dikonfontir to ensure that. Once again , I deny and do not know the question, " he added .

On this occasion , Sugeng checked for about 1.5 hours . He checked to clarify the truth about the Supervisory Committee report found Pedurungan District of Semarang .

Semarang Supervisory Committee itself found evidence of political involvement Maharso Setyo money . Supervisory find evidence such as business cards , cash amounting to Rp 23,000 and a statement of the complainant . The discovery was found on April 4, 2014 in the Village District of Pedurungan Gemah while still in campaign performance .

" We found evidence money USD 23,000 as cash tips , business cards and statements . If elected will be added again to Rp 30,000 , " said Supervisory Committee members Semarang , Muhammad Ichwan , Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) .

Supervisory menenggarai actors on the ground in the name of Haris . However , the name it is still not known to exist .
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" Performers field named Haris . Until now we are still trying to find the whereabouts of Haris . He was admitted to the belief Setyo Maharso . Later, if you have found , we konfontrir , " he said .


Being the target Donggala City Marine Tourism

Donggala , Central Sulawesi is one of Indonesia's 176 districts that follow APKASI International Trade Fair and Investment Summit ( AITIS ) JIEXPO 2014 in Kemayoran , Jakarta . APKASI the All-Indonesia Association of County Government .

At this time AITIS exhibition , Donggala promote all owned economic potential . Donggala Regent Kasman Lassa explained the main purpose AITIS participated in the exhibition to provide easy access for investors .

" Regarding the target of this activity , first we would like to open up access to investment . So that investors can get in to see the potential of the plantation sector , agriculture , fisheries , forestry and tourism . If access is not open , it will be difficult for investors because it is not possible to rely solely on budget build it all , "said Kasman told the team at stand Donggala .
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To facilitate access to trade cooperation , local government is also planning to build a bridge Donggala like Suramadu in East Java which connects Surabaya with Madura .

" Japan's interest to cooperate with us . Plans to build a bridge with a length of 5-6 km , similar Suramadu . Donggala it's marine and maritime areas , so access to services and investment all started from the sea lanes . Later this bridge will connect the region Donggala the western district of the capital , " said Kasman .

In addition to the development of infrastructure to facilitate access to investment , Donggala also aims to be a tourist town .

" Our target Donggala be a tourist town , in this Donggala many attractions beaches backed by beautiful scenery and there are mangrove trees . We also have a lake as a source of power generation . To reach the resort town , it starts with the aspect of the port improvement , " he explained .
Furthermore Kasman said , so far investors from the United States , South Korea , and Singapore expressed interest to invest in the development of Donggala tour .

Donggala promotional booth , visitors can see the poster Donggala shore excursions , specialties like kaledo Donggala ( Donggala ox feet ) , banana chips , bark lunkhead , Donggala marine fish , until the results of the community such as cloth weaving craft , craft ebony and other information about Donggala .

Through this AITIS exhibition , Regent Donggala really hope gets the attention of investors . He also hoped the central government more down to the area to see the potential of the region in various sectors , including the potential for oil palm plantations Donggala .

" We have the potential for oil palm plantations , there are also mines iron ore , gold , granite , then mine , following coal with oil and so on . All that is potentials Donggala new districts partially optimized , " said Kasman .


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Jupiter Start Life on Earth?

Giant planet Jupiter has long believed the researchers had the privilege . They are convinced that the planet's gravity is 588 million km from the Earth 's very strong . Even Jupiter's gravity is able to divert the comet and asteroid will hit the Earth .

Launch the Daily Mail , Monday, April 14, 2014 , a research team of scientists from the University of New South Wales and Royal Holloway University of London explains how the strong gravitational pull of Jupiter may have been affecting the climate on Earth , and eventually create the conditions necessary for the development of the life of the Earth billions of years ago .
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The conclusion was based on studies of gas giant planet's gravity , which is 2.5 times stronger than Earth's gravity . That power allows mentioned other planets orbit Jupiter occupies the Solar System , including Earth .

Hence , according to the researchers , if the Earth is pulled closer to Jupiter , it causes the Earth will move further and climate may change .

Research conducted a study of computer models of the Solar system .

Each repetition of the model , the researchers put the changing position of Jupiter , while the other planets are placed in a fixed position .

Move Orbit

In the simulations , the researchers also move around the orbit of Jupiter in and out in order to test what would happen if Jupiter formed at a position closer to the sun or further away .

" The assumption of failure is important , there is a lot of flexibility where Jupiter will be assumed to be smooth, soft and how to behave in Earth orbit from time to time , " he said .

Jupiter is mentioned current location is not so impacted , only slight changes in the Earth's orbit and tilt , but the effects of Jupiter on the Earth's climate have yet to find clarity .

However , an earlier study by the same group of researchers found the position of Jupiter has a big influence on Earth's climate .

So far the researchers wanted to determine whether the giant planets affect the climate on other planets , including Earth .


The end of 2014, Assembled Ready Mobile Introduced

Google has made ​​a preliminary step assemblies mobile presence by launching Module Development Kit to be introduced in late 2014.

The Internet giant on Wednesday ( 9/4 ) and then announce that the first version of the mobile assembly named Ara Project Module Developer Kit ( MDK ) is now available free to developers .

MDK , 0:10 , is " a very early version , " Google said as quoted by CNET , but still will be handed over to the developers so that they can have the opportunity to provide feedback based on what they have developed. (see also: Waptrick Themes 2014)

Google Ara Project was originally part of Motorola's product lineup when the Internet giant is still the owner of the company. However , after Google sells to Lenovo Motorola , Project Ara remain in Mountain View , aka not participate sold to Lenovo .

This ambitious project allows consumers to choose the components that they would attach to their smartphones like PC assembly . The idea is to provide a mobile experience that is more tailored to the tastes of the user .

This technology is still in the concept stage and I will continue to develop this handbook to the final version by the end of 2014. ( * )