Thursday, July 10, 2014

Here's How to Arrange Dining Table in Idul Fitri

JAKARTA - Eid al-Fitr is the feast that is eagerly awaited by Muslims worldwide. Various preparations are made to welcome the holiday. Because, in those days usually is an event to get together and stay in touch with relatives.

One of the rituals of Idul Fitri is a special time of family meals. Because Eid is a special day, set the table when Eid is different from a normal day. According to the Interior Design of Jakarta Vintage, Luthvi Hasan, there are some things you should consider in setting the table for the holiday.

"First, remove all the equipment a good meal that you have. Needless to new, important still nice and clean. Starting from spoons, forks, plates, and bowls still try to use the good. Equipment do not equate with your normal day-to-day, "he said on Okezone, Monday (07/07/2014).

Second, he said, try to use one set of cutlery. Avoid using eating utensils mixed-mixed motives and colorful.

"Do not be in the mix of motives. Try them all to a set. This is done in order to taste the special moment," he added. Read: gambar kartu idul fitri 1435H 2014

Next is to install a beautiful tablecloth. He added the tablecloth used should be special too. Lastly, you can also add some candles and fresh flowers so that the table becomes more beautiful you.


Friday, June 20, 2014

Facebook Coming Down in Some Countries

Facebook Coming Down in Some Countries

Giant social networking site Facebook Inc. reportedly had experienced down (offline) on Thursday (19/6) in some countries. Facebook also apologize for any inconvenience this has caused the current down.
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Quoted from Reuters, on each screen monitors and devices used by Facebook users, a notification appears (sort of notification) that they can not access Facebook.

During the outage, Facebook users from Indonesia, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, India and the UK has always been "greeted" with a message saying "Sorry, something went wrong". Or less means "Sorry, something went wrong". Many users initially tried to log-in again, because the suspect enter the wrong password or email address, but again they failed to get into Facebook.

The cause of the outage was not immediately known. But the team at Facebook is able to quickly restore service Facebook in less than one hour duration.
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According to a Facebook spokesperson told Reuters, Facebook seeks to resolve problems quickly, and it now has restored service to recover 100%.


Saturday, May 31, 2014

LG G3 Offer Some Security Features

LG G3 Offer Some Security Features

JAKARTA - LG G3 , today officially launched in London , England . In a statement received Okezone , Wednesday ( 28/05/2014 ) , G3 series is claimed to have the advantage of the other leading smartphones in the world .

One is on the G3 series offers security features with various improvements, including :

First , Knock Code that allows users to unlock their devices with the beat pattern on the screen .

Users can easily create a personal code pattern knock on any part of the screen . With LG G3 , users have the option to be able to use two beats with knockon feature to wake the screen and just check the time , and entered the homescreen by entering a code previously created beats .

Second , Content Lock can safely store personal files and hidden from view when the LG G3 should share with friends . Even when the device is connected to a personal computer ( PC ) , Content Lock prevents the preview mode ( preview ) to ensure the security of user data . This personal file locking option user can do both stored in the internal memory or on a microSD card .

Third , Kill Switch gives owners the ability to disable the LG G3 their phone remotely in case of theft . Furthermore , this feature can also simultaneously remove various personal content when the theft occurred .

Besides, who also accompanies various sophistication , LG G3 also offers a line of premium accessories including , QuickCircle Case : Available in five colors , these coatings enables easy access to frequently used functions such as calls , text messages , music and camera without removing the cover . Besides QuickCircle case , other options are also offered protective covering Slim Guard Case and Slim Hard Case .
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Infinim LG Tone ( HBS - 900 ) : Collaborate with Harman / Kardon , Bluetooth stereo headset provides premium audio quality with stylish design . This device is also equipped Name Alert ™ feature that makes it able to perform oral notice of who is calling before you decide to answer .

Wireless charger : Shown in a compact design and can be folded , wireless charger is optimized for ease of use that is compatible with Qi tech wireless charging .


Monday, May 26, 2014

Militants in Syria is Citizens United

Most of the members of the most violent terror groups in Syria is a British citizen , a senior rebel leader said .

Through a letter to the media The Times , Brigadier General Abdulellah al - Basheer of the Free Syrian Army asked for help overcome the militant group Islamic State of Iraq and the Eastern Mediterranean ( ISIL ) .

He said the group attacked the opposition forces , instead of the Assad regime . British fighters engaged in various acts such as beheading , crucifixion , and the ill-treatment of women , he added .

In his letter , General al - Basheer wrote , ignoring the problem will lead to British extremists and return to his country " continued destruction " .
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Last week , the father of two children Mashudur Choudhury became the first British man convicted of terrorism in the Syrian conflict .

General al - Basheer said , Choudory is : " One of many people . They are not freedom fighters . They are terrorists . "

About 500 residents of Europe engaged in war in Syria at this time , according to official EU counter-terrorism .

" The police and security forces are trying hard to find and stop the terrorist threat from Syria and residents who visited the country , " said a spokesman for the Foreign Office .

Syrian civil war has been going on for three years and killed at least 160,000 people . In addition , millions of people lost their homes and had to live as refugees in neighboring countries .


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Already Sunda Strait Bridge Project Global

Sunda Strait Bridge project apparently is worldwide . Even the call is not already global citizens of Indonesia .

Senior Advisor Public Private Partnership Development Bappenas , Luke Hutagalung told , he was surprised when one of Korean investors , whom he met some time ago was very excited to discuss the Sunda Strait Bridge ( JSS ) .

" I asked , you know loh JSS project from where ? " asked Luke to the investor .
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" Mr. Loh , the JSS project was worldwide , everyone knows , " said Luke mimicked the response of investors .

Met after the talk , Kompasiana PT JM perched together on Saturday ( 24/05/2014 ) , Luke tells us , he has met with a number of investors and experts in the bridge , one of which is the Korean investors .

He said the project was entering MP3EI difficulty level is quite high , in addition to the required budget also great . Around , he added , Rp 200 trillion to Rp 250 trillion .

From his conversation with experts , Luke explained , there are a number of technical risks , such as tidal , wave height , the presence of tectonic earthquakes , and proximity to the fault rupture of the Sunda Strait , and also the potential volcano .

" So , if the project is finished , it is the triumph of bridge experts around the world . Bayangin , " said Luke .

On the basis of the size of the budget and the high risk , JSS project is considered better built with a system of " mutual aid " . " We do not leave it on one side . , But we build a consortium of private -private , " he said .

He added that the return on investment of Rp 200 billion project that was long . Therefore , it would be nice if the build JSS Adala private company or consortium combined .

In addition , Luke said , pemerinta also can cheat the Jakarta Monorail , in which the private sector is given the opportunity to earn a reasonable profit , for example, develop the area around the JSS .


Thursday, May 22, 2014

INTRAC Submit Suspicious Transaction Suryadharma to KPK

Center for Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (INTRAC ) has submitted to the Corruption Eradication Commission analysis report suspicious transactions relating to the Minister of Religious Affairs Suryadharma Ali . Commission set Suryadharma as suspects in the alleged corruption organizing hajj 2012/2013 .

" Management of Hajj funds have been sent to the Commission since last year , LHA also associated with the suspect , " said Deputy Chief Agus Santoso INTRAC via text message on Friday ( 05/23/2014 ) .

In addition to suspicious transactions related Suryadharma , according to Agus , LHA it sends to the Commission relating to some other persons allegedly involved . Agus also said that the last LHA sent to the Commission two weeks ago .
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INTRAC , said Agus , ready to support the Commission in cases of alleged corruption related to completing the project this pilgrimage . Commission set Suryadharma as suspects in the alleged corruption organizing hajj 2012/2013 through the investigation warrant signed by the leadership of KPK May 22, 2014 .

KPK ensnare Suryadharma with Article 2 Paragraph 1 or Article 3 of the Law on Corruption Eradication (Corruption ) in conjunction with Article 55 Paragraph 1 in conjunction with Article 65 of the Criminal Code One . Chairman of the United Development Party is under sentence of life imprisonment . Elements in Article 2 Paragraph 1 of the Act , among others , is to enrich themselves , others , or financial harm or corporation and the state 's economy .

The elements in Article 3 of Corruption Act one of them abuse their authority . Mode of abuse of power and enrich themselves , others , or corporation who allegedly Suryadharma , among others , by utilizing the initial deposit of funds to pay for Hajj by public officials of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and his family pilgrimage . Among the families who participated diongkosi is the wife of officials of the Ministry of Religion .

KPK also suspect there mark up or mark-up the price associated with catering , lodging , and transportation of pilgrims .


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

"Mahfud Effect", 70 percent of NU Flowing Into Citizens Voice Prabowo

Former Chairman of the appointment of the Constitutional Court , Mahfud MD , as chairman of the campaign team Candidates presidency and vice presidency Will Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa assessed 'll affect the Big Voice Of Citizens Nahdlatul Ulama ( NU ) in East Java .

It is estimated that 70 percent would be particularly Sounds Nahdliyin flows for couples Prabowo - Hatta . The views expressed Political Observer husband UB Dari , Bambang Dwi Prasetyo , Wednesday ( 05/21/2014 ) .
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" It IS seen Dari Culture ' community in East Java The majority of residents Nahdliyin Because, Personal , mate Prabowo - backed Hatta Posted by Mahfud MD , Rhoma Irama , KH Said Aqil Siroj ( Chairman of the NU ) , and is reportedly also KH Hasyim supports Prabowo - Hatta , " said Bambang .

It WAS ONLY unrelated passive support future language of the NU figures nil , but do New Article down - straight to the NU kiai .

" Mahfud already met kiyais Roving in East Java . Dari ITU , Nahdliyin Residents will be 70 per cent , especially in Prabowo - Hatta , " he said .

Lecturer Graduate School of Political Science and Communication Studies ITU looking , in the eyes of the Nahdliyin , New Articles pileg different election . " ON pileg , ideological figure Selected Will be ON , his figure , his program , The Party carried him . Problems figure presidency , Nahdliyin Residents Will Come ON kiai , " he said .

Mahfud MD known figure not only because NU figures , but also BECAUSE figure Extraordinary individuals have influence in East Java . " Especially in the region of Madura . MY Sure , Madura Residents Will Come Mahfud MD And Rhoma Irama , " said Bambang .

Bambang also assess , if pitted New Articles strength Mahfud MD , KH Said Aqil Siroj , Rhoma Irama , and KH Hasyim , Nahdliyin Residents Will not Come CLA supports Joko Widodo - Jusuf Kalla .

Influence Khofifah Indar Parawansa as the spoke pair Joko Widodo - Will Kalla influential Moslem levels , but no significant regular . " Unlike WHEN support him in the East Java governor candidate , " he said .

Regarding figure in the eyes of citizens Kalla Nahdliyin East Java , Bambang also not too significant vote . " In fact, if New Articles Jokowi . JK ONLY Big sound in Makassar . Though he Dari NU , in East Java , Still Lose To Mahfud MD , " he said .

Bambang added that requires speed Mahfud MD , expandabilas to Prabowo - Hatta BECAUSE PKB decision being rated less accommodating aspirations and input NU kiai , The CLA supports WHILE MANY pileg .

" Coalition PKB to PDI - P IS MY decision not see systemic , but ONLY in the CBA 's elite decision . Therefore , PKB Can not bring Mahfud MD supports Jokowi - JK . Sangat adverse PDI - P , " said Bambang .

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